We’re in the same boat…

January 22, 2009 at 1:02 pm

Hi Linda,
You answered my post a few days ago, under, “My neuro is sending me to a Sleep Specialist”.
You said that you were in the same boat as I am, that we are in the 5% that the normal protocols of treatment did not work.
Well, I heard from the “Sleep Center”, and all is being set up now.
But, as mentioned in that post, I am suffering from great fatigue and weakness. My neuro wants me to try “speed” to get me through the daytime.
See some of the posts what people here put in–the good and the bad.
I won’t know if it will work on me yet, until it is all set up.
I will let you know what happens to me, but, like I said–look at what some people put in. Maybe the speed WILL help.
All the best,