We all mourn our prior selfs!

January 20, 2010 at 8:01 pm

As we should. But we have gotten the short straw and now have to deal with it!
I speak as one who has CIDP, Cancer and three other confirmed immune disorders. When I see a new doc? I watch their ‘eyebrows’ go up and down! I take it all in w/a sense of humor? Why not? Let’s play really STUMP THE DOCS! And it happens, then YOU have to educate them about this stuff outside of their ‘realm’ and how ‘maybe’ it’s really related to their ‘realm’. I never go anywhere without my cane! I don’t actually use it? But in my imagination…at times..it sort of makes me smile to [I]think[I][/I][/I] that I could use it to get a point across.
You can think of it from a number of different ways: Yes you are mourning YOU – the YOU that’s always been known and does just what it should and more; But the YOU now? Is a bit different. The YOU inside of you is still a good person with a good heart and soul working do get by as most of us do. Now you simply have to use other approaches. I have always seen that there are two choices here…first to ‘give in’ and surrender? The second is to fight it for all you are worth and get as back into LIFE as you can! Yes, life will be a bit different? But That’s what LIFE is about! Changing, adapting and becoming hopefully better.
The whole process HURTS! It affects family friends and others…no doubt about it! But The more YOU know about what’s happening to YOU? The better you can state how YOU are affected/changed and are dealing with it all. Both to family, friends and especially other med professionals who’ve not encountered ‘us’!
You have good folks here to help you adapt and get thru it all. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I believe at least a few of us have been at any ‘roadblock’ you are experiencing before. Hope and logs of good thoughts! ALWAYS!