December 21, 2008 at 6:01 am

Hey Folks,

I would imagine many people have receieved treatment of some sort and because it worked for them or they have responded well, that no further looking into has occured. Some may care to dig further some may not.

If they gave me the IVIG right off like they should have, I may have responded well and then things would have stayed the same. I am sure that
also IVIG has been given that coincides with natural remissions and it may appear that it has helped, thus mislead the Dr. and patient that the drug has worked. With that said we want to find what works for us, take as little as possible I would imagine, and try to lead a Healthy and Happy of Life as possible.

My biggest issue is with mentally copeing with this and finally being more accepting of it, and then it all changes. My personality type is of a planning type that avoids obstacles. A Control freak so to say. I am alway early to everything. you get my point. I need to be able to Wing it Now and Then, its good for ya. I need to Let go, particulary with this Disease, but walk the line of staying on top of your health and being a bit pushy for what we need and expect, yet accept the negative aspects. Its Tough, really tough.

I havn’t had my Antibody values tested that I know of. Is that common for you folks to do regularly. I will inquire about it though.