Vanderbilt U Medical Center

March 26, 2011 at 12:31 pm

I was watching a documentary this week and they did a short story on Dr. Robert Holcomb, a neurologist in the field of Neuromagnetics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.He was helping a patient with a bulging disc that was in great pain. He is experimenting with a new technique called MagnaBlock. He tapes 4 magnets on her back and did alternating current – can’t rememeber if it took weeks, etc. But it relieved her pain. It is his hypothesis that this halts the positive ions that transmit pain to the brain. You might want to research this.
Have you tried the homeopathic medicine called Arnica Montana. My friend’s doctor had her take it after her abdominal surgery. It relieved her pain; it is not pharmaceutical and no side effects. They are little pellets that you put under your tongue. You are not supposed to touch them. Homeopathy sounds like it couldn’t possible work, because the more the substance is diluted, the stronger it gets.I tried it once and was breathing more fully than I ever did in my life. It only lasted a few weeks in my case. I took Arsenicum for something else and got that great result. SO it couldn’t have been the placebo effect. Boiron is a reputable company in this field.
I know alot of people of this site are not into wholistic ways, but some of them do work. I think I was able to keep the inflammation and pain down during my second and worse bout with GBS because of the supplements. I did and do not need pain medication – not aspirin or ibuprofen.
Malcom Forbes once said that anyone who thinks money is important has never been sick or is. I think he was talking about pain.
Good luck.