Usage of Gabapentin

September 22, 2010 at 11:16 am

Hello Sue,

I am so new to this forum I simply have no idea of what to say or to whom to say it.
I read your comments to another member which mentioned words that had similarities to my thought process.
My wife is under the care of a neuropothist who has started her on a course of gabapentin.
She has renal cancer and parkinson’s at present and hypertension and type II diabetes for sixteen years and has suddenly disappeared.
Extensive pain in hands feet and associated joints have commenced
The preliminary diagnosis is something called neuropathic diabetes.
My immediate question to you is this.
The forum deals with GBS etc.
Is the burning, stinging/lacerating pain similar or the same as found in GBS?
I am reaching out to anyone, really, in hope of understanding her condition.