October 6, 2006 at 5:20 pm

My full name is Sonja Fjeldstrom. That is what you can leave at the desk. Also I am arriving at Phoenix at 7:30 AM in the morning and am planning to go to an AA meeting before going to the Embassy Suites Hotel. I should be there by around 10-11 AM. I am also going to have my cell with me so if that would help let me know and I’ll e-mail that to you.

Physio is frustrating right now because my AFO that is custom made is not helping anymore and is needing to be adjusted and it is probably from increased walking. Right now my foot is on my right side is inverting and my knee is streaight yet when I make it that my foot is straight my knee turns outward. I am scared I am going to wreck my right knee. I already have aa bumb left knee that I had surgery on I don’t need my right on to go as well. This is so frustrating because the closer I get to being more independant something happens physically.

On the lighter side I just finished buying my bus tickets to go to the symposium. I thought it was going to be 399.10 but when I went to buy them they said “Do you realize there is a 2 week advance ticket rate for this route” I said I didn’t know but I would most definatly take it so the total came to. Daa taa daa taa daa $225.00. So I was so pleased here I was going to be shelling out 400 bucks and my mom didn’t have all the money and I was going into my tiny reserve only to find out it was this amount. I was so pleased. Now I just need to get my travel Insurance which costs 38 dollars I called and got the estimate but I was told by many people to not buy it till when your almost gone. Then the rest is to arange the buses to have a lift bus on the route I am taking Canada’s is cool as they can do it right now. But I am frustrated because the U.S line they say I have to call7 days in advance and not any later or earlier. It is frustrating. But I have everything pretty well all together. I am really happy with this.