updates on my uncle

July 26, 2006 at 11:26 pm

Thank you so much, AndyKat. And thanks to everyone who’s been supporting me here and giving me lots of information. I’ve been busy helping out my uncle with his business. The financial part hit my uncle and my aunt so hard, so we have to keep it up. 😮

The good news is, he got home last Wednesday. 🙂 But a part-timer in the rehabs center told my uncle that he’ll never heal. I thought that was so messed up. I kept on telling my uncle and my aunt with the information I get here. I told them to stay positive. His situation has only been a little over a month. And there is no way that they should listen to a part-timer over the kind people in this forum.

But I do have a question :confused: : my uncle’s fingers and toes are still tingling. Will it ever go away? It bothers him a lot. He is able to walk slowly without a walker for a short period of time (while wobbles a little). He can go to the restroom by himself now. But he said the tingling never got less. He is afraid that feeling will stay like that forever…

Please give me all the information/experience you had/know. Thank you.