Update on Ege after a year and a half

March 2, 2008 at 2:58 am

Hello everyone!

This is to update you on Ege’s GBS case since he was diagnosed 1.5 year ago.

In my previous messages, I’ve posted that he had a full recovery; today this is still valid. He continues his education without any problem. He enjoys life, loves school, goes to a “ka-ra-te” sports center.

His parents, however, were a bit worried recently due to his performance on memory. During his math studies, his parents told me, he gave the correct answer for a simple algebra question that was asked to his younger brother; but could not remember the answer when he was asked the same question two minutes later.

Before they take him to a dcotor to find out whether this is normal, we discussed possible reasons. Perhaps, we said, this is lack of confidence generated by the GBS. His father questioned the possibility of IvIG’s side effects, if any.

Anyone familiar with same after effects? Side effects of IvIG on GBS cases?
I appreciate if you can share your knowledge and experience.

All the best
Murat (on behalf of ege)