Update April 15

April 15, 2007 at 3:51 pm

To those that have been following Tim’s case, I can report that he is continuing to do well in Ottawa. He can get out of bed into a wheelchair by himself and wheel himself by using his feet down to the cafeteria for coffee at least twice a day. He can stand and walk two steps unaided. He will have a small operation next week to close the trac finally since it did not heal over. He will also start even more acute rehab. His hands continue to be his bigest problem. He lack of therapy earlier and not getting a special glove and splints have really set him back. Hopefully there is not permanent damage. All in all his progress continues and he vows to come back to Washington to see his doctors both those supporting him and the one doctor that had said he had plateaued and show them that he as fully recovered. May 17, four days after his 65th birthday will be the anniversary of the onset of GBS for Tim. All the best to everyone, Richard