Update 21 Feb 2010

February 21, 2010 at 3:02 am

Just wanted to give an update. I am still using a wheelchair and walker. Not steady enough yet and doc says I am a fall risk. My feet and hands are still effected and still very sensitive. I am soon turning 60 yrs. old and some problems in my body can be old age or arthritis but I know how my body was prior to GBS and my body sure has changed in a short time period. As I mentioned in my other post, my fingers are drifting and atrophied and cold seems to make them hurt more. I still have drop foot and if I concentrate real hard I might get a slight movement in my big toe once or twice but then it just quits. My big toe drops further down than my feet and acts like there is no bone. My face on right has stopped twitching and m[COLOR=”Black”]y eyelid now shuts without problem now. Eye was feeling like it was being tigh[/COLOR]tened slightly but doc gave me some muscle relaxers and they have helped a lot. I still have, and probably will the rest of my life, high blood pressure so I am being treated for that as well. I am now taking the following Rx: tizanidine, potasium chloride, lortab, furosemide, singular, amlodipine, and a few misc. vitamin pills. I have been out of the nursing home now for two years two months lol two days. I am in process of moving out of state and very nervous as I have always been able to pack and drive myself anywhere I needed but now I have to ask for help doing even the simple things. I won’t be driving, I don’t trust myself, so I will be flying. But that poses a new string of problems. How ? ok I finally could get myself a power chair and Yes they do allow on a plane without charge TY.
I won’t bore you with details but it does sound like my fears was the same as others before me so the airlines have listened and I shouldn’t have any reason to fear. I will write again after I get to my new destination. Of which I have chosen to put myself into an assisted living / nursing home but this time closer to my grandchildren. [COLOR=”Red”]Has anyone flew since having GBS ??? How did it feel as far as the vibrations ??? [/COLOR]I still have vibration problems riding in cars.

Over all I am just so thankful for so much, most of the things we normally take for granite, those little things we don’t think about until you can’t.
My fingers and I are tired so I will post after I get moved. Good Luck everyone and you all are in my prayers. 🙂