Update 12/9/08

December 9, 2008 at 5:05 pm

I had a PE last Friday afternoon. (The blood center had a stocking for me with an Astro’s Milo Hamilton bobble head in it).

I did feel better on Saturday. However, the burning sensation in my feet didn’t diminish much and I have felt numbness and weakness returning to my toes, feet, fingers and arms. I also felt the itching sensation for a couple of days afterwards in several locations. The swelling in my lower legs and feet didn’t improve much either.

Monday afternoon things finally began improving. I worked out during lunch and although somewhat fatigued, I made it through my entire workout. I am feeling even better today and the swelling is down, burning is better, fingers and toes are more responsive.

I have a new theory forming and want to test it out with the experts (y’all).

I think I went so long between PEs that I built up more antibodies in my blood and tissues than usual. I think the PE on Friday removed the antibodies (or at least most of them) from my blood stream. However, the antibodies in my tissues still had to run their course before I could see/feel the effects/results. Results (burning, numbness, fatigue all diminish and motor function improvement).

It makes me wonder what the “life” or half life of these bad antibodies is.

I know the antibodies causing my CIDP are probably different from others, but has anyone done any work on antibody life cycle duration?