Update 1/4/2010

January 4, 2010 at 8:54 am

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Twenty 10, wow!

I think the cellcept is completely out of my system finally.

CIDP flared up a few days ago with the burning, tingling, numbness in my hands and feet and skin crawling and muscle twitching in my arms and legs. It lasted just over 2 days. This happens every couple of weeks.

My next scheduled PE is January 15th, but that will be 5 weeks since my last PE, not 4 weeks as I tried to schedule. I feel like I need to get one this week so I’ll try to get it scheduled.

I started a “cleanse” Saturday 1/2/10. I have gained about 20 pounds in the last few months and need to get my diet back in order. Some of the weight gain is muscle mass, but too much of it is just fat. I am hoping the cleanse will get my metabolism reset and let me drop a few pounds.

The cleanse so far has made me feel very fatigued during exercising especially in my legs. My arms and shoulders are feeling fatigued as well. It’s interesting that my shoulders feel fatigued when I’m sleeping.

I’ll need to watch this closely as I don’t want to lose any muscle mass. My body is still trying to rebuild muscle from my CIDP losses and I don’t want to compromise that in any way. The cleanse calls for a strictly vegan diet for 11 days with protein shakes. I plan to alter my protein intake to ensure my system has what it needs.

May God bless you all in 2010 with health, prosperity and much love,