Udaman Reply

March 31, 2009 at 12:28 pm

4/1/09 – The aniversary of the 1st day I woke up in the hospital w/GBS.

Man, has it been four whole years already?

The memories will always be there to my dying days.

The weather in California is starting to heat up.

Luckily, GBS doesn’t affect the brain like a heart attack or stroke.

Can’t afford to let negative people get in my head and push me around (you got to fight to make it right!).

I believe it’s called “Poetic Justice”!

Got to go walk to the bus stop, then walk to the BART station and finally get to work.

You have to forge ahead because being staionary and falling behind is not accetable towards being 100% normal again.

Peace “+”


Nice to hear from you again!

I wish you the best in your recovery and rehab.

It seems like everybody is younger than I am on this GBS website.

Remeber me down the road for the photo of the Chinese Restaurant.

Having problems w/my medical insurance.

My PT is asking for different strengthning exercises and testing for me but the medical insurance says it unnecessary and won’t pay for it.

Another road block and tons of future paperwork, etc. towards my road to being 90% (or better).

Take care![/QUOTE]