Typical Maintenance Dose

January 22, 2010 at 11:40 pm


From what I can tell, the most commonly recommended maintenance dose is around 0.4 g IVIg/kg body weight once every 4 weeks. If you were getting this dose, you would get 52 g, rather than 30 g. If you needed a full loading every month, then you would get the 260 g Dawn mentioned.

Because you seem to be having a slow worsening of symptoms, maybe you and your neurologist should consider a loading dose to get you more fully recovered and then a larger maintenance dose. Your doctors may have reason to be concerned about your kidneys, though. Ask them to spell out exactly what the concern is. The protein load alone, regardless of sugar content, can hurt the kidneys (ask Julie), so if there is a problem, the risk might be a bit too high with a larger dose.

Godspeed in finding improvement,