Type 2

November 22, 2007 at 8:03 pm


I have type 2 diabetes and have taken IVIG going for three years. It has not had any affect on the diabetes. I have used all three of the Gamma products and my results have been the same, excellent. I don’t entertain the idea of not taking the infusions. I’m 66 and take 1400 grams each treatment. I had Blue Cross/ Blue Shield until I reached the age of 65 and they paid the entire cost less my deductible and co-pay. At that time each treatment cost $22,000. When I had to enroll in Medicare and have the infusions at the hospital it jumped to $52,000. per treatment and to date my Medicare and BCBS supplement have taken care of all the cost. My first dia. was for diabetic neuropathy but the problems continued to increase and my Dr. later said it was CIDP. As you study the symptoms you will find that each and every one of us have different ones. I simply can’t say enough about the IVIG infusions. It makes a different person out of me and I plan on continuing them as long as I can afford to or they are available. This forum is a great place to ask your questions and many of the senior members have a lot of answers. So, good luck and please know you have a number of sisters and brothers out here who understand your posistion

Zack Fisher