March 12, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Hi, JH…I had “mild” GBS in August 2007. I’ve now changed my own diagnosis to “moderate”. Yes, I had twitches that lasted a week or two, then went away. Nerves regenerate in strange ways. I also have “traveling pins and needles”. I get them when I overdo. I also get them when I get a cold or eat something I’m allergic to. I’m starting to freak less, but just this week I wondered if I was having a recurrence…after almost 3 years. I relaxed after 2 days (wasn’t suffering muscle weakness). GBS…a life altering experience! Oh…I still get twitches. I just got one next to my eye which has lasted 3 days now. Twitch, vibrate, tingle, spasm…tired too soon. That is my “recovered” experience! 😀