Try this one as well?

May 29, 2011 at 9:40 pm

KEY to any biopsy, success in diagnosis from that biopsy and further the eligibility of that biopsy being a factor in disability eligibility is the quality of how that sample is taken, handled and processed..then stored.
Many insurance companies are now loathe to do biopsies in the past five years due to the permanent damages that can be done and potentials for infections. Infections being the worst issue for non-sensory areas. They urge that all other testing options be done before doing a biopsy.
It [the biopsy] had been suggested to me about 5 years ago? And, the one unsettling factor seemed to be that this particular neurologist was waay too eager to DO IT! There are about 8-10 diagnostic criteria key to determining CIDP? But the biopsy these days is only used if too many of the other criteria are not ‘conclusive’. Needless to say? I DECLINED! And, am glad I did. Besides, I’d met 5 of 8, or 6 of 10 criteria, so? Why? ERGO NOT!
IF you web up ‘sural nerve biopsy policies and procedures’? I’ll bet you find a heap of insurance company’s vague opinions against it.
Most of my research is no longer available [too old] but I’m sure you can find some good things doing a good search! IF anyone can do it? You will!