Try a calcium supplement with magnesium?

December 21, 2009 at 8:48 pm

It’s the ‘metabolic’ blood test that you want to see. That is the one that tells you what is swimming around in your bloodstream. What it does not tell you tho, is what all is actually being absorbed. The only way to find that out is a muscle ‘sample’ and, I don’t know about you? I think that IF I can get the right numbers up? And not the bad ones? Like B-6, I am doing all I can to help things along. The magnesium and vitamin D do help one ‘take in’ more of the calcium, its a sort of partnership to asorb better the vitamins you need to help nerves heal. And your bones too!
Correction – a Full panel isn’t what you want? It’s the ‘Complete metabolic panel’, or the ‘Comprehensive’ one! Web these names up and you should find reliable references to the tests, what they do and what they mean.
Because we might have asorbtion issues, and my first diagnostician suspected it…and it IS true? Take care in reading all info about any supplement you take and how to safely take them! Some meds don’t get along well with many meds and then the ‘when’ of the taking in all the pills can be complex! Even for what seem to be ‘simple’ problems! I do wish all this were simpler? But it’s not to be!
Go and fight a good battle! Hope always!
PS Once I started taking the calcium w/mag and D? Tremors took about 3 weeks to abate. It’s not an overnite process, but, it does help. AND…the mag keeps you from getting too ‘blocked up’ on the calcium alone. A good side effect for me at least.