March 19, 2007 at 11:12 am

Hi Becca,
I have no idea what triggered the little crazy cell in my body to convince the other antibody cells that I was sick and to start to attack my nerves and work on the sheath to get to the core. But the key is to get new antibodies in your immune system asap and correct the war thats going on inside your body. “i’m sorry if i used to much technical medical terms”;) It’s the only way I know to explain my situation. Really I had no warning to my onset and while in the hospital I lost 37 pounds in 4 weeks. I didn’t start to gain it back until I got home. I’m a chocoholic and I fell off the wagon. I got a couple of extra back that I’m trying to get rid of right now. Oh yea my neuro told me all of those technical terms and he also told me the nerves grow back at a finger nail pace. (kinda glad I’m short legged) 😉 Hang in there and don’t lose your faith , all will be ok.