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May 10, 2006 at 3:38 pm


Argh. I wrote you a PM but the new system ate it. Sigh. I apologise to the rest of the forum for posting a brand name.

My antioxidant combination pill is called “Super 10 Antioxidant” By “Country Life” ([url][/url]. It is available in some health food stores but I purchase mine online.

Remember to be super careful of using supplements with your diabetes and other medications. My friend with diabetes had a dentist prescribe high doses of Vit. C and it really messed her up. Not all health professionals realise how delicate a balance you need to keep.

I am a big pill popper – 10 a day. I believe my body needs a variety of ammunition to fight my CIDP. I hope you are at least taking a good quality multi vitamin. No OTC is going to give you the pain control of a prescription – but a little relief is better than nothing.

Take care,

Sorry I couldn’t figure out the PM system. It refused to recognise my log in – after I write the letter. Sigh.