December 2, 2010 at 2:39 am

Again thanks for the replies. I will have my wife with me, she’s willing to help me all the way but I especially want her to enjoy the wedding without having to look after me. So, I need the independence of my own wheels. I really want my comfy old Jazzy but am afraid of what condition it will be in when it arrives if I take it with me on the plane. I have CIDP (1993) and am in a constant state of discomfort, neuro-pain, fatigue, all that stuff, so any small thing is a big thing. IVIG each 6 weeks and all that.

B4WC (before wheelchair) I mostly stayed home and any outings were a total chore. AWC (After WheelChair) some bruises and a few minor successes I thought ‘why not go for it’. That doesn’t mean ignoring reality, just stretching the envelope a bit.

I also sincerely hope this thread will encourage those who don’t think they can go places – that just maybe they can.