Transferring hospitals…

September 24, 2007 at 12:33 am

First off, a patient will always receive better care when in ICU than when on the floor. That is just the nature of intensive care; less patients per nurse. And there are good & bad nurses in every hospital. In April my husband’s appendix burst & after surgery he was put into the cardiac ward because the gastric ward was full. Anyways, he was very sick for 10 days afterward & I got a chance to see just how overworked the nurses were there; they were literally running. I was so glad then that I had been a teacher & not a nurse.

If your dad feels more comfortable being in the VA Hospital, I would leave him for now. At least he has the assurance of not having to worry about medical bills later on. If you transfer him, he could lose everything he has worked all of his life for. Trust me, they do come after you diligently for their medical bills once you leave the hospital. Your Profile mentions that he has a ranch, maybe he is afraid of losing that? BTW we all have horror stories from every hospital we have stayed in, at least I certainly do.