Tousley Hyde post

February 21, 2009 at 10:50 am

I guess no one has responded to your post because no one can answer the questions you pose.

I would comment on the hair loss, but mine started long before any diagnosis, so I must blame it entirely on hereditary factors.

Regarding stem cell therapy, I noticed today that there is a thread on this subject and I draw your attention to it at [url][/url]

With regard to getting the insurance company to pay the bill, in my experience you need to show evidence of other underlying disease like MS or MM or NHL.
I beleive that we need to all work together to break this impasse. It almost seems like there is an international cartel of insurance providers to block any one insurance company or government from providing coverage for Rituxan to treat CIDP. The drug companies obviously are fighting to show proof of positive results in order to get the drug covered through sponsored research work. We need also to work at it so that eventually one will break down and then a precedence will be set for the others (domino effect). Maybe it is wishful thinking?

Glad to hear that your son has improved with the Rituxan treatments.