Totally understand

December 16, 2007 at 3:50 pm

For me it not only is the height but also another pet peeve is when they supposedly make these wheelchair accesable stalls too small to even get your wheelchair into. You can’t even close the door let alone access the toilet because the door blocks the toilet. Then the ones that are big enough the grab bars are not at a right place to use them. I am 5’10” and this always makes things a hassle. The other matter is getting into the bathrooms the doors tend to be heavy and hard to deal with especially if you are alone and in a wheelchair. It means you have to wait for someone able bodied to come along to help. So whats with wheelchair accessable bathrooms they should all have a button to push that automatically opens the bathroom. I find hospitals the number 1 offender in this department as they do not conform to this situation at all. As I am currently in one and Even though currently I cqannot uwe one right now I have many friends in wheelchairs and see how hard they have it. I would be in the same spot if I were more mobille and this whole fact sickens me. There should be universal regulations put in place for these situations.