Too many to count

December 21, 2011 at 1:53 am

They used to do these on a regular basis – at least one a year. But on about my third or forth visit to Mayo in Rochester my neurologist (Klein) said the research in CIDP patients indicated there was no value in repeating EMGs if there were no significant symptomatic changes and they stopped torturing me!

I have to say mayo does a much more thorough job than my local docs – even testing my face – ouch.

I made it quite a long time without a repeat until last summer when my arms and hands took a huge turn for the worse and they retested them – showing a huge decline in the results.

My case has always been atypical with my lower extremities being several impacted from the beginning and with lesser in the upper until last summer.

Still do not know why this was the case – but the upper caught up with a vengeance and the EMG showed that.

So glad though that the EMG is not used regularly – I dread them terribly.

They also used to repeat spinal taps and that has taken the same course – with a repeat only with a significant need.