November 27, 2007 at 3:33 am

Thanks, Ladykitusa and everyone, I’ve read all your warm words and regards to my mom, and she is very thankful to all of you. I also found the patient advocacy and try to get their help. It really worked, at least the nurse and the other stuff came to ask me if anything they can help ,just go and tell them.
My mother still got a little fever, sort of around 100 F, and the doc said only after she is normal in temperature can she have the PEG tube procedure. I tried to ask the attending to seek a second opion on her GBS(MIllerfisher), but he said the current neurologist is the best one in this hospital(Bellevue), there is no need to chanllege her decision unless I transfer her to another hospital. So they still don’t think about Plasmaphresis, basically they have nothing to treat her now in terms of the GBS.
I also asked the nurse to give her the special air matress in order to avoid worsening of the bedsore, but her answer is that the wound nurse doesn’t think it’s bad enough to have that. Why they have to see problems coming and then treat them, instead of doing something beforehand?