to admin, please, answer this

August 15, 2006 at 1:40 pm

Dear admin, you do have my full understanding. But you are saying you are not removing pictures. Would you mind telling me then why you sent me a private message asking me for compliance in removing my pictures, most of which were harmless private photos posted appropriately mostly on “Daily Delights” and sometimes on “Geography Game”? The only difference between mine and uploaded ones was that my photos, like those of others, were linked to a folder on my personal website. This way they appeared within my post, a much more user friendly way. None of my photo links were to an actual webpage. Doing it my way a spammer would not get the results he or she are trying to achieve, i.e. link to a porn site or commercial site selling something.

Are you sure you meant for me to remove my pictures – which BTW I did immediately? I received a number of private messages from other members telling me how much they enjoyed my photos and how much they regretted not seeing them anymore.