tightness in midsection

March 25, 2007 at 3:45 pm

😮 Katie, my midsection enlarged and tightned as my first symptoms started. it then got harder and bigger as i gained weight during my recovery. i looked about 8-9 months pregnant. some people have even asked my hubby if we had a baby because they saw me and thought i was expecting. none of the drs. i have seen will address the issue and i take that as they dont know what caused it and dont want to admit it. pre-gbs i weighed 115lbs and now 2 years post-gbs i weigh 172lbs. i believe some of the meds have put it on me and of course not eating healthy. i can understand all the dianamics around take in more calories, do less movement and the calories go to fat but my stomach was hard as a rock. i started recieving acupunture and she said it was not normal fat, that there was no circulation going on in that area. she has been doing acupuncture on my stomach and gave me a lintament to put on it and use a heating pad on it. she also changed my diet alot. for about 2-3 weeks now i havent been eating any meat except fish and i have all my veggies cooked. only food that digests easily. im also drinking chinese teas . i have lost about 3 pounds and my clothes are fitting differently. now i can pinch a roll of fat because it is becoming softer. my idea is that the gbs hit my mouth, and throat, and my intestines and rectum so what about the digestive tract in between. i know this isnt a pleasant topic but it is a reality some of us deal with daily:o . i always felt girted and couldnt hardly reach my feet to wash them good or massage them. it is easier now. im hoping to see more improvement as time goes on. i did not have respiratory failure tho. so i think mine is the digestion.:confused: