Thought of something

September 4, 2008 at 8:47 pm

Jamie-I was reading and trying to think of what to tell you besides that you already know my prayers are with you. Remember how our fears can immobilize and then the anger makes us act? You could make a children’s protective service referral-it is still confidential, and anyone can make that referral now. Then the people who have the power to act can take over. Even though you may feel you should not know all this family info, nevertheless you do and must do whatever you can to help. Those children need to be in a safe place. Think about that referral-maybe that’s the best you can do, but it is a start. Sending you a big hug. I pray for all the girls that they will be safe soon…your son may be confiding in you because he knows and feels your love and is hoping you can help his friends? He knows your heart is bigger than the state of Texas…….;) …….Emma