Those ‘good’ moments

August 10, 2010 at 9:33 pm

I’m desperate to put my life in order. I no longer think in terms of ‘getting my life back’. Life is different now, but it’s still ‘my life’.
So, on with it.

Now one thing that has come to me clearly (now that my mind has cleared enough for things to be clear to it again) is this basic question:
[B]How will I spend the best part of each of my days?[/B]

For me, the best part is in the morning; in that first hour or two I have my greatest strength. So, during the past week, I’ve come up with a plan: to get up, get ready for the day, then [B]get right to what I want to do[/B], not just the essential tasks of everyday living.

This week, I have done some sewing, and now I have 1 more pair of pants to wear 😀 (my black pants now hang in the closet). I finally cut up my old dishtowels for dishcloths, so I don’t have to look at those ragged dishtowels hanging on the towel bar in the kitchen, demoralizing me with their wretchedness. Today I spent the ‘good hour’ on some mending tasks that have been piling up for the past 3 years: I fixed 2 pair of slippers, sewed 1 button on my coat, prepped the waistbands on 2 more pair of pants. I’ve been praying about my sore feet, and on Sunday I tried on 2 pairs of sneakers from the closet. I removed the thick, foam instep inserts that agonized my feet, and just wore them barefoot to break them in again. After a day, they fit better and feel pretty good, and I already have less pain in standing and walking. Today I wore 1 pair downtown to do my errands, and had less foot pain.

So if I can do some important things in my [B]’good hour'[/B], I can cope, and even pick up some of the pieces. Now this idea can also be applied to anything you want to do for fun, but in my case doing these things is ‘fun’ for me.
It gives me such a sense of satisfaction to feel some control again, instead of everything being so overwhelming and out-of-control.
Tomorrow, I want to bake bread, or sew my dishcloths & pants, or both.
We’ll see; I’m not going to pressure myself; it’s my choice and I enjoy that.
I know I’m dealing with my GBS-CIDP body, but I have things to do, and I’m going to get them done!