This stuff does a disconnect in some quarters for sure

September 5, 2009 at 1:03 am

Before….. I used to READ at least 4-9 books a week for some ‘recreation’. Since then, I can only skim some from a printed page and retain little. I used to blame it on the meds – I’m off most of them now? But, that disconnect is still there, durn it!
But, the strangest thing is that I CAN read and retain a lot from my computer screen! Doing this has helped me both lean the ins/outs of PC research, but also reinforced the fact that I can still learn more about neuro issues and how they affect me!
Since my own issue is mostly sensory? I do truly miss the printed page and the ability to turn from one page to the next. Does that make sense? Something sorely missed for sure.
You are NOT alone! It mite be meds or how this stuff has affected you. And, most docs don’t take note of such KEY issues in my humble opinion.
WE are HUMANS we can adapt and work ‘around’ this! and we do!