THIS IS a good question! When is the pain worth a doctor?

July 7, 2010 at 7:15 pm

I don’t know about others? For me, it started out as numb feet, then buzzy feet, then plugged in feet, then the same progression to the hands …within two weeks I’d gotten to the point that I had not slept more than two hours on any of the four days prior to the hospital, due to the ‘plugged in’ pain. I called my GP and was told to go to the ER. I actually thought they’d do something like ‘tests’? to diagnose me. A basic x-ray of the spine and simple CBC and urine were the only tests I’d gotten. A PT evaluated me for walking safety and I was sent home… There were times as the pain progressed up my legs and arms that I almost considered amputation as an option! But, the thought of ‘phantom pain’ told me that some pain mite go away? But, lots of it would still remain. So, nixed that quickly.
Pain definitions? They vary…. but for me? When the pain doesn’t let me sleep or want to eat or do anything? Well, then I call my neuro and go:Help! I’ve only done it once since I found a neuro who works with and for me.
After lots of reading on anything free on the web? Sorting out the good from the ads…. I found that my long bout of pneumonia a few months before, was my ‘catalyst’.
As for the ‘bone ache’? Likely you are on a lot of pain meds, and neuro-meds that IF you read the side effects of them [web up the med name + full prescribing information] in all the fine print, you can find that calcium depletion is common. Start on a good quality ‘calcium citrate + vitamin D + magnesium’. You need the combo to properly asorb the calcium. And, likely need the others too. I’ve found this combo has been diagnosed essential for me by docs and I try to take them religiously. They not only help with the bone aches? But the ‘muscle trembles’ too. However, it takes about 3-4 weeks to take effect. Be patient? What else have you got to do? Besides walk funny and hurt? :confused: Keep faith and hope…. Don’t give up ever!