thinking about 2nd opinion

May 1, 2008 at 11:46 pm

Lauren has had 2 rounds of IVIG, might be heading toward a 3rd. We have thought about Mayo in Minnesota and also University of Iowa Children’s hospital. As parents, we want to get Lauren the best care and have her recover. The doctor from chicago that is speaking at the syposium in November, is that Kevin’s doctor? Chicago or Minneapolis is a 5 hour drive for us; u of I is 3 hours. Sometimes I still wonder if Lauren just needs more rest….I’ve read so much about how important rest is………..she doesn’t nap durning the day, afriaid to miss out on something at daycare. Anyway, we are thinking we would really like a 2nd opinion, just to know we have tried everything we can.
Thanks for your opinions, I do appreciate all the valuable knowledge from this site!