things improving slowly

December 22, 2008 at 9:39 pm

Thank you all for your compassion and prayers.

I went to my pcp today, and finally got agreement that more had to be done for the adrenal insuffeincey that I have been dealing with since August. I have cortef to begin starting tomorrow, as well as an adrenal nourishing tincture.

I have told I should start seeing an improvement tomorrow!

Two of my three young adult children will be here tonight and know I have been having difficulties functioning. Hopefully they will notice that the house is dusty, and dirty, as well as the Christmas decor is still in storage.

I have been putting all my spare energy into training to teach adaptive skiing this year, as I went through the program last year and will be forever blessed by all I learned and healed through the program. The director knows that I am still healing and sometimes I will only be answering the phone and greeting handicapped athletes. Still it is something I am very passionate abt, and a joy I wish to share with others.

I do have much to be thankful for… loving family and friends, a great neurologist, and continuing to heal still after losing all reflexes for almost twenty years and having my autonomic system deteriorate signifigantly.

I appreciate the reminders abt it being a marathon not sprint. It is hard to remember when so many around me are living with what appears to be much more ease. I am very thankful for the reminders and encouragemetn of this group.