They gave me Methadone for my back injury

October 2, 2008 at 1:05 pm

Hi Emma! So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well and hope that this new doctors get you back on your feet. The Methadone! I was given an RX about that drug also for my back injury two years ago and I got online like you looking that drug up. They use it alot for heroin addicts in Methadone Clinics. I just did not feel right taking something like that and decided not to take it. The addictive factors were just far to risky. I take tylenol with codiene but only use that when needed but am not addicted to it. Methadone on the other hand can be highly addicting and it does not take much. My father when he had his brain tumor and was dying they gave him Methadone also. I saw him never taking drugs at all during his time of living and within weeks he was addicted. But he was dying too! Just noticed before it was time to give him his medication he was asking for more! Either he was in terrible pain and didn’t have enough or was liking the taste! I seemed to notice him liking the drug. Hard to explain unless you were there with me seeing what was going on, but I think my father started liking the taste. But it’s up to you to decide! What you think is best for you! Me! I was too scared to take it!