There are 2 schools of thought, one old, one newer…

March 16, 2011 at 11:12 pm

The old one was that infusions could help re-program the bad IG’s to stop being malprogrammed [either due to genetics &/or other illness triggers]. The newer one is that you just overload w/good IG’s that outnumber the bad guys-so less damage is done.
And, Yes, your vision of pac-man like anti-bodies is close to it..but the good pac-men don’t eat the bad ones, just outnumber them and keep them from doing more damages. I don’t think the infused IG’s are ‘programmed’ to eat the bad ones tho…?
As to which approach is right? TBD and proven, but it has not been as yet from all I’ve found.
More important tho? IS [B]IS[B][/B][/B] it working/helping for you?
This is one of it works or it doesn’t! If it works? Good/Great! If not the options get a bit more complicated in balancing long term s/e’s vs short term s/e’s. IF it works and helps…remember there is a dear cost that comes with it insurance wise. Other options can be cheaper? But your whole body can pay a big price in the long run.
Trade offs of benefits vs costs are always a key part of treatments for CIDP.
Good luck with all the routes! homeagain