Therapy IS a necessity!

September 14, 2009 at 5:26 pm

But, part of it is up to YOU to educate your therapist about your medical issue!
OK Yes, there are some ‘go-getter’ therapists out there, and they are under pressure to PRODUCE results as fast as possible – Kind of like hairdressers doing the optimum numer of ‘heads’. So, the therapists either no CLUE about such medical issues or are simply pressured to ‘produce’.
Ask this one to listen or ask for another therapist. Sometimes we simply do not connect with one indivdual and another works. It’s either your money or your insurance co’s and that =your money in the premiums. Don’t be shy about this? Would you let your hairdresser or anyone else push you around wrongly? And, yes, sometimes stretching muscles that don’t want? HURTS! But, these folks know or should know, how to do it safely. Maybe for you? Just not soo much at one time?
What I’ve done in the past [and I’ve been thru many p-therapists?] Is come armed with a fact sheet from the NIH about GBS or, as I have CIDP. Then I make it clear that I am very willing? But I drove here and if you over work me? I’m not going to make it home without accident [implied liability left unsaid].
Once they READ about such as we have? They get a better grasp from their perspective on how best to ‘deal’ with us. And, yes, now and then, you’ll get the WALK! command. And, you mite be afraid? But, if they are rite there to catch you, cool!
Also, the programs usually want to work up to 50+ ‘reps’ of many different isolated muscle exercises, Ask IF you could trade off and do 25 of this, then 25 of that, and back again. That’s what I do and find I’m FAR less tired for the ‘doing’. And ultimately in the end? YOU can do more than the ’50’ and not have the ‘wobbles’ afterward. Surprise yourself.
Lastly, and getting your doc in on this is crucial! Is to ask for what’s called a ‘home program’ where you get a theraband or other tools along w/copies of exercises you can do at home in-between sessions! Do some here, then there, then more each place and it really can and does add UP.
I keep coming back for more punishment, And it keeps working, so, I’ll keep at it. Moving on my own two legs rather than devices is far superior to the alternatives. FAR more freedom of sorts. So, work at it, keep at it. Please.