The worst case…

December 12, 2006 at 12:27 am

I am beginning to think that many here have been told by their doctors that they have the “worst case of GBS they have ever seen.” In the beginning, I was told that I had the mildest case of GBS they had ever seen, but when I continued to decline after plasmaphersis treatments as well as IVIG, I was rediagnosed with CIDP. When I got to quad staus, I was told that I had the “worst case of CIDP” they had ever seen. It was almost kind of funny, as I was a patient at the Mayo in Rochester at the time, & it turns out my roommate had an even worse case of CIDP than I did. I just wish doctors would think more before they talk.

About your dad, I don’t know his age (that can make a difference,) but to me it sounds like a classic case of GBS. Just remember, although most recover fairly well, we are talking months, not days or weeks. And I think it is way too early to be saying he has axonal damage as opposed to just myelin sheath damage. Just be patient & allow time for the illness to run its course. Best of luck to your father & his family.