the path less traveled

March 5, 2008 at 9:32 pm

It was a year ago that I first stood up for a few seconds. I was down for the count from October 2006 til March 2007 – crawling and scooting on the floor of my home. I had GBS twice and if I were to get it a third time, I would do it the same way. Because I did not push it to walk and waited until my legs felt ready, I did not need pain killers. I seriously believe that getting GBSers to do PT is wrong. If the nerves are damaged, why would you want to do more damage? I started walking gradually over the last year and find that I still need more time to repair. I thought I was ready to get a normal life, but I find that my feet hurt and get numb if I walk too much. (And that isn’t alot.)
So I would recommend that if you don’t need to push it, don’t. Walking around the house is plenty. Wait for the body to repair – and unfortunately, that takes quite awhile. Look inward and see what lesson this illness brings. I am just starting to realize mine. After reading the book AWARENESS, I think that losing my body and my friends and my job awakened me to the ephemeral quality of them. Sartre said, “Hell is other people.” I learned that I could not count on anyone. Sad but true. I am not bitter, but I am more awakened.