The latest news…

July 1, 2008 at 11:17 pm

My new fun symptom: The roof of my mouth and back of my tongue go numb. Awesome! Eating cereal became a whole new adventure today.


I did confirm that my first neurologist only ever checked the pressure with the LP. What kind of doctor does that?? Seriously? I wasted a week of my life recovering and they didn’t even check everything lol. So, I may have to have another one. I have not yet had an EMG either because no doctor seems interested enough to do one! The breathing could have been anxiety, except that I wasn’t stressed at ALL yesterday and I woke up this morning, and five minutes into my morning, had a repeat incident. The P.A. I saw didn’t think it was an anxiety attack, or asthma, or anything like that.

Today I went to my GP for my post-ER follow up, and the P.A., who is so completely bomb, did a complete review of my history and some research, after I told him all of my symptoms up to this mornings numb-mouth-incident. He walked out, did some research, and came back in and told me that the only thing my symptoms could be suggesting is something nerve-related. It was assuring for me to know that he thinks I’ve been taking the right approach… that I’m not crazy… he just thinks the neuros that looked at me didn’t do their work. He recommended a new doctor to me and I made an appointment for next week. Transverse myelitis was never suggested — they actually only ever checked for three things with me, which was a shame, and any rational person would say they didn’t do their work if they only checked for migraine, pseudotumor cerebri, and MS. So next week will be an adventure!!!