The difference??

December 18, 2008 at 8:59 pm

I am still poking around about the difference. It has to do with different antibodies. but from what I figured out so far.

MMN has low success with Steroids and some 20% have a severe decline in strength(Me). It is supposed to be without the sensory problems but a low percentage have low to mod sensory involvement(me). Also It has a very high like 80% response to IVIG so it is the front line treatment(we’ll see)

Also the Inteferon works in like 2 of 5 don’t quote me on that and also the usual immunosupressants work too. So its very treatable and a slow progressive type version. Progression comes with axonal loss but there is proven reinnervation and improvements in conductions block. So I am Good with it so far. My spelling is suckier than usual tonight cause I turned to the Coors Brewing Company for some advise on this and I am having numerous beers. All the Best to you all.