The cancer rate stuff I really would not worry about

May 9, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Hi Joanne! I think the cancer rate when taking these meds are a bit on the slim side. Cancer is something I have seen hit many people without any problems at all and then suddenly develop cancer. Although our immune systems are much weaker than the average person our chances of getting cancer are about the same with the average person. Eating alot of fresh fruits and vegetables though are very important to us and even healthy people. Taking care of us and our lifestyles! We eat candy everyday all day long we can become obese and have risk for diabetes. So if we care for ourselves eating fresher foods and staying away from chemicals our chances of getting cancer get slimmer! But cancer too can run in family genes. We all just have to take care of ourselves the best we can with our illness! Eating right, sleeping right and getting what best kind of exercise that we can do. Each person is different. If you have Lupis in your family you might have Lupus causing your CIDP. That is what caused mine but I too have other autoimune disorders. So it could have been the combination that triggered mine too! Lupus can cause alot of things. I have seen some of the strangest things happen to my body with that disease. LOL! Sometimes it can make you feel like your going crazy. Especially when you tell the doctor what is happening and he looks at you in a funny way!
Linda H