The best of plans gang aft aglay.

August 12, 2010 at 11:24 am

No bread-baking yesterday, no sewing either. Did sew 1 button on a shirt.
Noticed a thawed roast in the fridge needed roasting, so did that. Trying to stay on top of things in the fridge, so there’s no waste.

Also noticed I was out of water, so had to get some which involves lugging a couple of jugs in my hand-cart with my walking-cane (1 mile round trip).

Sugar was on sale downtown, and if I don’t get there in time, it’s all gone due to the canning season, so I went downtown with my rollator and got a 10kg bag. It fit nicely in the rollator basket, but was very hard to get home, just little baby steps in the heat (2 miles round trip). Sure was glad to get home.

One driver noticed me inching my way along, and he decided to wait for me to cross the street, when he could have easily gone to the right instead. It took me almost a minute to cross the street, and when I got across he revved up his truck engine, squealed his tires furiously and vroomed past me. Well, it’s not my fault if people are so dumb. Maybe he’ll know better next time. Looks like I’ll be ‘educating the public’ for some time to come…hee, hee.

Today I found a quicker bread recipe and hope to try that.
Well, off to the salt-mines now; have a good one, people!