That you got off of it with few problems is awesome!

December 5, 2010 at 8:57 pm

I instinctively realized that staying on the anti-seizure meds were causing more problems than solving them, so w/my current neuro’s guidance, I slowly withdrew from them. These meds weren’t working well overall with meds I HAD to take for other conditions, so, going off, and seeing how much pain [or not] I had wasn’t ‘different’. Actually, once off? Not much difference at all. I figure I’d gotten ‘conditioned’ to them, and larger doses would have been required. I’m lucky that while I’ve pain? I can mostly live with it as it is and take Tyelenol or Tramadol for the ‘bad times’. [Tho, at times I feel I can chew and bend/mash nails at times-it passes]
Lilly may deny any claims to ‘withdrawal’ symptoms? But their prescribing info? Well, take a look at #5.6 and there abouts…. THEY don’t ‘seem’ to have tested in this particular quarter? HUMMMMM. I guess in not doing so, there is ‘deniability’ or the like? Some lawyers would have ‘fun’ with this, but charge you a fortune while fighting a mega co.
AT LEAST YOU’RE OFF! Most of all? I’m happy for all the reasons that you are off!
I can attest that getting off some meds isn’t fun! Going off neurontin was one prime goal for me as the first neuro I’d had [and fired later] kept upping this stuff to the point where I was hallucinating. While awake! It was easy, going slow.
None of us need to go ignorantly into this morass, We shouldn’t need to!
Congratulations on getting off stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and hope!