That’s what I was talking about.

October 16, 2011 at 1:08 pm

First of all, I couldn’t know how this thread would go.

Who could?

Hopefully this, and all threads, can maintain a spirit of positive, calming composure and continue to offer sound, sage advice without getting sucked back down into negativity.

Negativity begets what? Uh, gee more negativity. It’s true, for me, that electronic media rates on the lowest scale possible of good ways to communicate anything.

I have to say that I joined this site about the time Alice was getting “beat up.” I was elated to learn something new, yet sickened by the turmoil.

My impression, OK?

I estimate (NW) North Western is up to #25, or so, patients on the CIDP Clinical Trial. I can only readily recall 4 who ‘spoke up’ and said “yes, I did the procedure and I feel better.”

OK, 5, the New Zealand guy. But, he’s no longer posting either, is he?

I bless each of them.

Is that about 20%? That’s the wrong end of a standard distribution curve (bell curve.) Of course, all the rest may neither read nor post here. Then it’s a great, 100% curve!

I can only say it another way, if people ‘get mugged’ they are not going to walk these streets anymore.