That is true? But…one of the problems

April 19, 2010 at 11:42 pm

w/ having more than three things wrong w/you is that you are not a perfect candidate to ‘qualify’ for such suits… Even then it’s a gamble. And, I’ve more than 3 things wrong. Fortunately my reaction didn’t last longer than about 2 weeks of very active hives+burning at the injection site, and I won’t miss that in the future!
Honestly? I’m almost grateful for the cancer & their follow-ups because those PET scans are catching all sorts of potential or existing problems! Insurances can be fussy about these tests? They are NOT CHEAP by any means, but they are relatively painless and almost pleasant compared to many.
COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS that you don’t have reactions to Gad….etc. because if you do? The itching and headaches are not fun!
Good luck in tests to all, and hope for good results! AS in? YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Yep, you have IT. At least then?, you know what you have to deal with.