That is quite possible

May 16, 2009 at 11:24 pm

That is quite possible. They actually call this Cognitive Disfunction and it does have a medical term when it comes to diseases. Sometimes we don’t get enough oxygen to our brains causing us to do funky things like you were speaking of. Lack of concentration, fatigue for lack of sleep can cause it! I have nerve damage everywhere. Its on top of my head on the outer layers and my head and ears even go numb. Feels like frostbite on my ears sometimes and gets rather painful. I can wake up some morning so clear headed and thinking straight and the next morning my brain just can’t think clearly. And believe me! On those days I really really do some stupid things. Having this so long I have learned to adapt to my funky days and just make it a funny part of my life. Lets just say that I can get rather doofy at times. Seems the older I get the more doofy I get. Oh how I remember the days of sleeping 12 hours and my mother yellinng at me to get up. LOL! If I get 7 hours a night I am calling that a good night! Tonight I am having a sleepless one so no telling what I will be like tomorrow! Hugs my friend! Hugs
Linda H