That is about what happened to me

May 18, 2009 at 2:43 am

That is about what happened to me. I had a severe attack on my nervous system right after having surgery. I still swear it was GBS but they never checked me out that good when it first happened. It took them 6 months of waiting to get into Duke and then they said it was CIDP. I had surgery on my spine and two weeks later ended up with the attack. But I have systemic lupus and they are saying my lupus caused the CIDP. I still swear the CIDP came from having that surgery. Have not been right since I had that surgery. But I had nerve damage already before the surgery. I think the surgery though triggered the massive attack on my body! And yes! I am like you when it comes to surgery. Scared to death it will happen again! Twice after a surgery that involved the nerves I had an attack like this. But Lupus can attack a person with stress, weather and surgery. And then after the attack they found thyroid cancer and removed it. The cancer was mild and in one certain place.And had not spread. Thank goodness for that. Two surgeries I ended up last year besides my spine. Rough year! But am improving some but not much! I wish you the very best and pray they get you straightened out. Not fun to suffer! I will be praying for you and please keep us posted on your recovery! Sending you a huge hug!
Linda H