That can be OK IF you can tolerate it….

October 1, 2007 at 8:58 pm

I don’t know if you are getting your IVIG and ‘accessories’ delivered before-hand but if so, The instructions should be ‘in the box’ and on the bag. Most of the time, at the very first few times, infusions are started very SLOOOOWWWLLLY, to prevent side effects [some of them far from pleasant] and then gradually speed things up. After all, you are getting lots of stuff pumped into you which is not the kind of thing your body can expel quickly.

For me, I’ve found that that ‘strain on the kidneys’ in the hospital setting was due to being set up on saline line for 2-3 hours then on a saline based IG solution for another 3-4 hours! At home, I’m finding that I can tolerate a sucrose based IG solution far easier, and faster, with far fewer side effects…BUT keep in mind that each of us is different in this respect. Until you know and trust your IV nurse and that she’s not going to rush things to fit HER schedule, then you mite want to ‘try’ maybe with your docs blessings, a faster rate. BTW I have and use a portable pump, which measures everything so steadily and quietly, that I really nap during most of the process – which is now down to less than 3 hours for a similar dose [in Grams].
Talking to my IV nurse, I’ve found that her company won’t allow the ‘rate’ to go over 180. In the hospital, they upped the infusion rate so slowly that in the last 30-40 minutes I was getting 226-250, too much-too fast. So now I get more in, in less time? Go figure, but again how each of us tolerates it is always going to be different. Just read about infusion rates as much as you can, and DO NOT EVER let a nurse rush you! IF you feel they are, and aren’t checking your vitals during infusion, speak up VERY CLEARLY about your concerns and make them known to both your doc and the service….You cannot cut corners with this kind of stuff!

I hope you feel better after it all! Truly!