Thanx to all for your warm welcome !

August 21, 2010 at 4:34 pm

At the outset, thanx to all of you for the warm welcome & kind support. Really appreciable.
Now @ Pat G, thanx for guiding me to sign in on the main forum. I did it according to your advice.
Now @northernguitarguy, thanx for your best wishes. My parents are not too keen to look after my son as we’re not at good terms with my parents. Infacts we had fights & quarells almost each day before GBS struck my dear spouse Bubbly. Due to those fights we both were & still are under lot of depression. Me & my doctor also think that those fights played some part in this episode of GBS. Can that be true? She also had a history of migraine around a year ago due to these differences.
Now @Matteyrae, yes I certainly need help but unfortunately there’s no one to help. Yes she’s getting physiotherapy twice a day. As regarding treatments she’s taking Coenzyme Q10 (300mg) – OD,Methylcobalamin (1500 mcg) – FELICITA OD,Shelcal OS (Calcium with Alfacalcidol) – OD, Oxcarbazepine (300mg) – OD etc. as advised currently by her Neurologist.
Now @Hedley LaMarr, it started 22nd of May 2010 & we brought her home on 6th July 2010.Her rehab was started in ICU itself where she stayed for 6 days & the rest of the days in private ward till discharge to watch out for any complications.
Now @ KatyK, thanx a lot for your warm welcome, We’re in touch with our Neuro, we’ll be seeing him next weekend.
@ northernguitarguy, is pool therapy really helpfull? But when is the accurate time to go for that?

Warm Regards